Anonymous asked:
how do u feel about korea

i h8 you.
i’m done.
i just like cant
like if this actually happens. i’m done.
and i’m done with the giants.

ok im making crap ton of gifs from the thank you video. so if you want anything specific from it let me know.

link if you haven’t seen it:


Anonymous asked:
Okay so I've been trying to find a giants commercial but can't for some reason it has buster sleeping in it and hunter looking in the mirror but it seems like the Internet hate me and won't let me find it however you have a gif and I was wondering if you knew where it was it be great if you could put a link please I really want to see it again considering only seen it a couple times on tv. Thanks Ps love your page!

Haha it’s always tough finding videos when you need them. Here you go:
And thanks so much :)

Happy 29th Birthday, Pill.

Anonymous asked:
happy birthday! i saw your instagram & u are very lucky you got to see that game in person.

thanks so much!
and i know! yesterday was one of the best birthday’s i’ve ever had.

Happy 28th Birthday to George Kontos.

Anonymous asked:
y did you ask brett if he was Jewish? lmao

cause i need a jewish man in my life.
i didn’t think he’d actually reply lol

im about that jewish lifestyle.

Yesterday I met pill again and he remembered me sooooooooooo yeah ily. Plus it’s a sign that he was signing at the game I went to.